This site is for sale. CLICK to review the sale via SEDO. I will not respond to offers but I may answer questions. If you have a better idea, let me know. I could perhaps put it on ebay or something? It could obviously become a heavily used site if someone other than myslef owned it.

Whatever is a thorn in your side, let us know in the  COMMUNITY!

Things We Hate

 Software Companies/Makers/Coders

  • Intuit
    My most unfavorite software company. Let me know who yours is and an appropriate link, I will put them in here!
  • Microsoft (there is no link yet, I have no time right now)
    How "wonderful" is Vista??? I hate it. 08/14/12. I must have written that when Vista first came out, it seels a tad better, still some oddities though.
I hate it master

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