This site is for sale. CLICK to review the sale via SEDO. I will not respond to offers but I may answer questions. If you have a better idea, let me know. I could perhaps put it on ebay or something? It could obviously become a heavily used site if someone other than myslef owned it.

Whatever is a thorn in your side, let us know in the  COMMUNITY!


ME: I was a simple small time contractor who went broke, lost my house, and died penniless after not being able to transfer my license, though I just wanted to give it to a friend. But NO NO NO, you cannot do that. Stinkin' Intuit.

So, maybe I was already broke, but dying is a drag, especially when brought about by bloodsuckers - fuel, homes, software...you name them.

US-YOU: I have no idea, perhaps you can tell us in the forum. And, if you  know/like programming, and I do not, I HATE IT!, email me and help out with this site!!!

I Hate it!

It seems these ittle tags need to go in.

I hate it, ihateit


More there corporate greediness, but definetly their practices with licensing.

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Let me know if you would like somethig posted! Such wasted space..... I hate it!