This site is for sale. CLICK to review the sale via SEDO. I will not respond to offers but I may answer questions. If you have a better idea, let me know. I could perhaps put it on ebay or something? It could obviously become a heavily used site if someone other than myslef owned it.

Whatever is a thorn in your side, let us know in the  COMMUNITY!

I HATE IT - Everything hated with little to no recourse - you know, like spammers, governments, monetary distribution, etc.

11/09/16 - The elections....hehehehhahahehehahhaha

10/07/16 - It's hard to comprehend this site has been around for a few years now. I have no time to deal with developing anything...well...I have no ability to either. Anyone want to help?

I hate seeing government vehicles parked at places to eat or at shopping outlets...i hate it!! Even big companies like PG&E, what is that truck doing there? Charge the end-user more to pay for your abuse of hard-earned dollars.

I think the person offerring to buy the site was a spammer. He is from the UA (Ukraine country code). After emailing a few times, I got a BUNCH of UA spam attacks. *sigh*. Then again, maybe just coincidence? hmmm...whatever. This is just to mess with anyway.

I hate spammers so much, is this like the third or fourth time I have said that? I hate spammers, I hate the hosting entities that allow them to exist, I hate that the spammer gets told who we are when we complain, but we cannot be told who they are, what kind of rule is that?

Anywayz, SpamCop.net is awesome. If you complain enough by reporting spam each time you get it and as soon as you can, the hosting comapny can get its outgoing emails blocked. Pretty kewl stuff. IF they have legitimate users...they complain to the host "Hey, my emails are not going through!!!" Start filing spam complaints with them and make sure you add spam. I hate it!!!

November 14, 2012: My hand at Google Translations:

All Russian, Chinese, Ukraine and SingleHop USA urls are automatically banned from the forum - thank the spammers from these countries Все русском, китайском, Украины и SingleHop США URL-адреса автоматически запрещен на форуме - спасибо спамерам из этих стран.
所有的俄羅斯,中國,烏克蘭和SINGLEHOP美國的URL會自動被禁止從論壇 - 感謝這些國家的垃圾郵件發送者。
Все російською, китайською, України та SingleHop США URL-адреси автоматично заборонений на форумі - спасибі спамерам із цих країн.

I hate it Я ненавижу его 我恨它 Я ненавиджу його

November 11, 2012: Here is another idea in lieu of selling this site. There must be MANY programmers out there that would love to put their name to a site completely developed by them. Send me your idea(s) and if I like it/them, I will provide you with my personal guidelines as to what is NOT allowed as well as a ftp login and you may develop this. I am willing to do a 51% to 49% ownership. However, I have no idea how to legally put that together if you are not in the US. So, some things may just have to be based on trust? I hate it that I do not know all of this stuff.

Novemeber 7, 2012: I hade a spate of registrations on some site forums NOT from China or Russia....they were from spammers hosted by United States based SingleHop.net. Here is their typical "fixed it" email on the matter, followed by my reply:

-----Original Message-----
From: abuse@singlehop.com [mailto:abuse@singlehop.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 5:56 AM
To: xxxxx
Subject: Re: [#30654076] spammers on web sites




We were in touch with the server administration, and after discussion the reported problem is claimed to be resolved.

Please get back to us in case you believe the reported abusive activity/content still exists in our network/the problem is not resolved within 24 hours, or consider this ticket closed.



SingleHop Team

My reply:

I have no  idea what that all means, but hopefully you shut them down? I doubt it. See this email and my reply in its entirety at http://www.ihateit.com.

October 30, 2012 - Granted, SingleHop sorta sucks, but I must acknowledge China's dominance. However, who is this jerk? Just today as of 0842 pacific time, 101 pages at 30 attempts per page.

inetnum: -
netname:         LeonLundberg-net
descr:           net for dedicated server client
country:         RU
admin-c:         LL4959-RIPE
tech-c:          LL4959-RIPE
status:          ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:          MNT-PIN
source:          RIPE # Filtered
person:          Leon Lundberg
address:         Liljerum Grenadjartorpet 71
address:         173 57  TOMTEBODA
phone:           +467348510378
nic-hdl:         LL4959-RIPE
mnt-by:          MNT-PINSUPPORT
source:          RIPE # Filtered

October 5, 2012 Offers fell through....whatever. I have found that SingleHop hosts more spammers than any other online provider. I hate it/them. Granted China and Russia lead the list by far, it is sad though when you are hit with spam from "locals". I hate the spammers, I hate that they find hosts, I hate that the host will not tell us who the spammer is, but they tell the spammer who the complainer is. I love spamcop.net. Who are your most hated spam hosters?

Aug. 22. 2012: What if every website owner paid a SEO firm to make their website #1 on search engines? Does this look familiar? I hate it.



Your website ihateit.com is not ranked top on the 3 major search engines but can be quickly!

Did you know that over 80% of website traffic is the result of search engines?
If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website the most important factor is that you have a top search engine position.
If you are like most people, you will spend countless months or years trying to get ranked highly with little or no success.

Your website will:

Dominate your competitors to the top spot on Google, Yahoo and MSN
Boost websites sales
Increase targeted search engine traffic

At no cost, our search engine optimization experts will run a ranking report showing you exactly where your
website currently stands in all the major search engines and how we can increase your ranking to number one.

August, 10, 2012. I hate on-line social networking. What would they be if everyone on earth linked with everyone else on earth? Exactly. It would be as if there were no on-line social networking and the on-line services supporting them would not exist.

07/05/12: Would a blog be better than a forum? Plus, my disdain for INTUIT has waned, so I abandoned my tirade within rippedoffbyintuit.com. However, just to keep it a little alive, I moved a protion to here.

7/03/12: I hate that I had to add email filters to this account. All .ru emails are now auto deleted, I hate spammers.

03/27/2012:  I am back for a tad.

2nd offer Feb 2011 - $400....hmmmm

Hey!! I have my first offer!!! $100 12/10/2010

As things continue to occur sparking disdain for the way some (sometimes many) act toward others, I randomly post things I hate. I would be glad to post thinkgs you hate though, let me know.

04/27/2011 - I hate it that all of this news of tornadoes, tsunamis, etc., and their associated deaths and destruciton are surrounded by happy advertisemeents and even postponed viewing while an advertisement for something like a great vacation is given for 14 seconcds. What about a little dignity for those that have lost most everything, if not loved ones?

With respect to this, I have removed everything else for the rest of this month.


Anyone have up-to-date counts and reasons for?

Example from Wikipedia and others:

Iraq Body Count project 98,170 — 107,152 civilian deaths as a result of the conflict. 150,726 civilian and combatant deaths[1] March 2003 to October 2010
US military deaths in Iraq war 4,452 Through May 3, 2011
US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,461 1,461 Through May 3, 2011

I hate it 17: 12/5/2010 I have had two - 1 2  (what a huge number! I hate it!!) people email me with complaints about companies. I have taken the time to email both companiies, while maintaining anonymity for users, with no response from the companies, I hate it.

From this point forward, only if you sign up in the Community,, post what you hate there, THEN email me, will I attempt to elicit a response from the alleged offending entity, person, place, or thing. If they reply, I will post boh the email from whomever (minus any contact details) as well as the response. I have no ideaa whether a complaint is legitimate or not, nor any response, so....take them with a few grains of salt and a proszac - I am just the messenger.

12/3/2010 - Just like the reader on April 9, 2010, I have another reader complaining about false advertising. I checked the alleged false advertising and have emailed the contact person. Let's see what happens with this one. Remember, the last place never got back to me, so I posted their real information, I hate it.

I hate it 16: 11/18/2010 - Online bidding, what a RIP OFF - I HATE IT! Who's ta say. You buy the "privilege" to bid and the bidding can be frantic. It is more like a lottery thqan a bidding war and the owners of the site reap the rewards, ONE person MAYBE "wins".

Some sample sites: www.11trk.com , www.LetsGoBidding.com , www.beezid.com , www.webidz.com , www.bassabids.com , www.bigdeal.com , www.dealsonquibids.com , www.quibids.com

You gotta hate this part, if it is true, so it is only hypothetical and may have no basis in reality, and certainly not to say that any of the above referenced sites do this, no,no,no...:

The "owner" of the site buys an IPAD for $829. 500 bids are made bringing the "winning price to say...$150. Now, the "owner" has only made the 75cents per bid = 500 x 0.75 = $375.00. But, what is neat is that the winning "bidder" was xxxx who just so happens to be the owner! Yes, the owner owns multiple login names and may create all they want, bid all they want, up the price all they want, I hate it.

So, now the owner is not really out anything and puts the IPAD back into the bidding war. The owner does this multiple times until the owner has made the minimum profit they want on an item. I hate it and I hope you do too! Such a rip off. All those participating have merely lined the pockets of another greedy, profiteering, bloodsucker. 

08/19/2010 - We have moved the board to a new host and could not figure out how to transfer the old forum, so it is starting over. Not that anyone was using it! Well, maybe one day we will have enough money to pay someone to design a proper board......I doubt it.... I hate it.

I hate it 14: 3/17/2010: I have been compelled to note herein that I completely recognize there are far more demanding / urgent / earth-shattering issues involving all of mankind than what I whine about below or within or above. However, in all honesty, it matters little to naught what anyone is doing to address these issues. We grow old, we die, things just go on the way they were. C'mon, tell me what war we learned from? None of 'em. So, I whine about the little things I have little to no impact on.

I love it one: I love this, so I stuck it in here: Then I had to remove this as HUKU no loner supported the link, too bad - I hate it!

I hate it thirteen: 4/9/2010 - I received an email from a reader asking me if he could post something on here.....even offered to pay. I don't know, I will have to think about it. I will contact the company he is complaining about. If what the reader says is true....they are a bad business to use.

I sent an email to the company and received no reply. In the interim, I have decided not to get involved in disputes. I did create a forum for lighting, Mr. Reader never posted anything in it , yet.  I did take a little time to query the company's multiple names prefaced with the word "complaint". So without providing any details you be the judge of the company, here are some of the URL's via the queries with the phrases Complaint Sunrise Lighting California, Complaint So Cal Lighting California, Complaint SoCal Lighting California,  There are many links within links, I did not waste time posting them all.





There are too many to keep posting, have fun. I will let you know if the company replies!

I hate it twelve: 12/2/2009 - nothing to rant or rave about, been busy, I actually do not hate it.

May 2009: I HATE IT! I hate it that I have not yet received any of the shares I should own with respect to the 700 billion dollars approved as a bailout. Oh, plus, I need some bailing... 

If you do not want to waste time reading my ranting, go to the forums or create your own blog.

I hate it nine: I HATE IT! Where has all the money gone that was "lost" in the stock market? I mean, c'mon. Take some random number like one million. Now, let's say that there are one hundred people on the planet and each person gets the same amount of money. What does that work out to? Let's see,

Ok, so one hundred people each have 10,000 dollars. Now, person number one starts a company and the ninety nine other people think they are going to make a lot of money by investing in it, so they each dump 5,000 dollars into it (it is rather funny that they would than have to buy the very product they need to have sold in order to make money. In other words, they can never get all of their money back). So, right now one person has 99 x 5,000 + 10,000 = $505,000 and 99 people have $5,000. Now person number one says, "well, I spent all of the money on salaries and you all lose your money, I hate it.

Is the money really lost? No, bloodsucker number one just has more. So, I ask again, where are the TRILLIONS that have "disappeared" gone and why are those companies who have "lost it" getting more? I hate it. If you do not hate it, then you must be person number one...... hmmmmmmm.....ninety-nine.......one.....hmmmmmm I HATE IT !!


People getting killed, parents torturing children, collapse of the economy, loss of jobs, uncaring greedy corporations (Like Intuit). I HATE IT!

What Else????

I hate it that animals die. I hate it more when it is one of mine. However, is it not also interesting that we seem to care more for some animal that dies versus the thousands of human beings, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, babies...who knows how many right at this moment being killed by other human beings...boy, does that make sense? Who funds that stuff? Who has all the money? Is person number 1 involved?

I hate it when people block roads, drive slow, then get mad at those who are not happy with them!

I hate it five: June 2009 - My dad was dying from cancer, he took his own life a few days ago. I really do hate cancer and that people's minds can be driven toward doing things they would never consider doing if things were ok.

I just happened to be searching the net for others ripped off by intuit, boy do I hate it that Intuit  is who they are and what they do.

July 2009 - I hate it that people who have a lot of money think that whatever they do is worth what they get paid.

August 2009 - I hate it when I no longer care about the things that were annoying me.

I hate it when rip-off contractors get a job because they low-ball the price. I hate it when a potential client merely looks at the bottom line, not the quality of the work.

 I hate it, hate it, ihateit, ihateit.com

I want to put stuff I like on the side here:
1) www.spamcop,net
2) UITG in the Ukraine

Let me know if you want something in here, there is tons of room! ( I sorta hate it)

I am not going to put offers, they seema waste of my time.

I am going to put offers on the site. I have 3 now! last one is: August 22, 2012 $750

Aug 22, later in day
It may now go for $1000. I just have to figure out how to do it!

I found what I want at present. Anything I want to go on and on about! Like stinking SPAM, I HATE IT! The same links may be in the "
Hated Index" too.

Stuff like:
Intuit least fave comp.
Spam lease fave email - I found a pretty neat way to somehwat del with it via reporting it as spam to the proper places. CHECK IT OUT! I do not hate this.